New Beginnings Church History
A new genesis sprang forth, when five men sought counsel to start a new church. After much prayer the first service was held at Twin Hills park. There was a time of prayer and singing  and a message given from one of the men.
New Beginnings Church found a new location of worship at the old Gulf Power building on East Woodruff Avenue in Downtown Crestview. On October 11, 1992, there were 90 charter members. In the fall of 1992, Brother Raymond Williams was voted as Pastor. Due to a rain storm, the roof collapsed and New Beginnings Church was forced to look for a new location of worship.
God opened a door of oppuntituny to lease the old Revco building in the Crestview Plaza. On June 20,1994, New Beginnings Church purchased the Crestiew Plaza. There were 17 people present at the closing, which means VICTORY. The 20th day which means REDEMPTION. 12 Church Members which means GOVERNMENTAL PERFECTION. 5 Others which means GOD'S GRACE.
God continued to bless New Beginnings Church, we became debt free. The mortgage note was paid off and burned for New Beginnings Church. 
On March 16,2014, Brother Raymond Williams retired as Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Church and accepted the title of Pastor Emeritus.
Last Published: August 12, 2014 10:50 AM
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